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  • The default file type is PNG, but you can choose any other file type you wish.
  • To do that, you can tap on the notification from Snip and Sketch in the Notification Center after capturing a screenshot.
  • Therefore, you need to open and paste it into image-editing software like Microsoft Paint and save the file.
  • The first step is to press the “Shift” key on your Asus system’s keyboard.

In other words, if you’re on Windows 10 version 2004 or newer, you’ll be able to upgrade to version 22H2 directly in a snap with a significantly fast installation process. That’s because all features of 22H2 are already hidden in the latest cumulative updates and feature updates released after the version essentially share the same core build of the OS. To sum up, if you’re running Android 4.0 or later , your phone has built-in screenshot functionality. Look to a third-party software if you want more customization choices, root your device, or use a desktop program if you’re using an older version of Android.

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Navigate to your Windows start menu and select “Settings” located on the left panel. You can also access your Windows setting by using Windows shortcut keys Windows + I. Before pressing any keys or modifying any settings, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your PC’s BIOS and how to enter BIOS on your laptop or desktop PC. The BIOS, or UEFI, is a powerful tool for configuring your PC’s hardware such as your RAM, CPU, motherboard, and more. It also has options that can increase the security of your PC. is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. YouTube’s ‘pinch to zoom’ experimental feature rolls out and lets you zoom into specific parts of YouTube videos on a smartphone.

The process to take a screenshot is kind of ingenious. Just press the Print Screen key once and you can frame your screenshot on the screen. The moment you are done framing the screenshot, it instantly provides you various options. You can save the file on Desktop, upload the image directly to Imgur, open it in MS Paint, etc.

How to enter BIOS setting when Windows 8 fast boot is enabled?

Other open applications are automatically shown as small thumbnails towards the left. You will see that the dragged window will resize itself in the exactly 50% of the screen. Working on a Dell laptop can get a little complicated because you have to switch tabs and windows all the time. That goes double when you have to do extensive research for a school project or your job. You can, however, split the screen on your laptop allowing you to get more work done faster. Keep reading, and we will give you a few different methods you can use to split the screen on your laptop.

How to Take Screenshots of One Monitor on Windows 10 with a Multi-Monitor Setup

By default, both windows occupy 50% of the screen. You can adjust that by moving the mouse between windows – you should see the arrow turn into a double-headed arrow – and then clicking and dragging to change the size of the window. The ability to view two or more windows side by side is one of the benefits of having a wide display. It is now easy to copy and paste between windows, access data from multiple sources at once, and multitask in general. The capabilities built into Windows 10 make it easy to split the screen and “salt” windows to opposite sides of the screen.